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Maintenance CornerSpring Maintenance – transition from Heat to Air Conditioning

It is time to transition your furnace to summer mode! In sum, we want to reduce humidity in the home and prepare for summer cooling.  The process is very simple:  1) Turn off humidistat.  Clean filter, empty and clean tray (if applicable) and close water valve (if accessible).  2) Set the damper from furnace to […]

Maintenance CornerReplace smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Earlier this winter I experienced that irritating yet important shrieking sound in my home. I checked throughout and observed no sign of smoke or fire, assuming the batteries needed to be replaced in the detectors. After replacing all of them I continued to be awakened by short alarm bursts every twelve hours or so. My electrician […]

Maintenance CornerRemoving Ice from Driveways and Sidewalks

With winter comes snow and ice. Driving and parking on snow creates even more ice and packed snow.  These tips will help you minimize damage to driveways and sidewalks and maintain a safe property. Remove ice and snow from concrete as promptly as possible after snow storms. The bad news:   The American Concrete Institute does NOT recommend […]